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Welcome to the Tales of Crestoria Wiki!Edit

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Current ContentEdit

Phantom Tower (Banner)

Phantom Tower
September 24, 2020 22:59 -08:00

Intertwining Journeys (Banner)

Intertwining Journeys
October 01, 2020 22:59 -08:00

Premium Summons (Colette & Mikleo) (Banner)

Premium Summons (Colette & Mikleo)
September 29, 2020 22:59 -08:00

Selected Summons (Misella) (Banner)

Selected Summons (Misella)
September 24, 2020 22:59 -08:00

1 Million Downloads Limited-Time Missions (Banner)

1 Million Downloads Limited-Time Missions
September 25, 2020 22:59 -08:00

Maid Outfit Attachment Missions (Banner)

Maid Outfit Attachment Missions
September 24, 2020 22:59 -08:00

Maid Outfit Attachment Exchange (Banner)

Maid Outfit Attachment Exchange
September 29, 2020 22:59 -08:00

Featured UnitsEdit

Colette ("This One Is...") (Thumb)Colette ["This One Is..."]
SSR Rarity
Artes Type
Light Element
Mikleo (By a Murmuring Brook) (Thumb)Mikleo [By a Murmuring Brook]
SSR Rarity
Staff Type
Water Element


Wind Element Water Element Dark Element
Ends in Sunday, Sep 27, 2020, 07:00:00 -08:00
None currently active!

Upcoming ContentEdit

Vouivre Assault (Banner)

Vouivre Assault
Begins in September 24, 2020 23:00 -08:00

Selected Ex Summons (Dhaos) (Banner)

Selected Ex Summons (Dhaos)
Begins in September 22, 2020 23:00 -08:00

Side Story Luke Opening Missions (Banner)

Side Story Luke Opening Missions
Begins in September 23, 2020 23:00 -08:00


The latest Tales Mobile game invites you to join the adventures of Kanata, a boy who bears a sin for which he can never atone. Struggling and learning alongside his fellow transgressors and other familiar faces to the franchise, they set forth to defy the very rule of the world. Join these criminals in their adventures! Download now on Android and iOS!



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